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The '''Florida State University''' (commonly referred to as '''Florida State''' or '''FSU''') is an American public university|public space grant colleges|space-grant and sea grant colleges|sea-grant research university. Its primary campus is located on a 1,391.54-acre (5.631 km2) campus in Tallahassee, Florida, United States. It is a senior member of the State University System of Florida. Founded in 1851, it is located on the oldest continuous site of higher education in the state of Florida. The university is classified as a Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education|Research University with Very High Research by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.{{cite web| title=Florida State University | work=Classifications | publisher=The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching | year=2013 |...
Image nameFlorida State University seal.png
Motto''Vires, artes, mores'' (Latin)
MottoengStrength, Skill, Character
Established1851{{refn|Florida State University fixes its date of establishment to 1851, the year the Florida legislature voted to establish two seminaries of learning: West Florida Seminary (which became the Florida State University) and East Florida Seminary (which became the University of Florida).{{cite web| title=Timeline | work=The Florida Memory Project | publisher=State Library and Archives of Florida | year=1851 | url= | accessdate=July 9, 2010 | archiveurl= | archivedate=August 1, 2010}} West Florida Seminary used this date of establishment prior to 1905, when the Buckman Act reorganized higher education in Florida and the three resulting state institutions all adopted 1905 as their founding date.{{cite web | last = Meginniss| first = Benjamin A. |author2=Winthrop, Francis B. |author3=Ames, Henrietta O. |author4=Belcher, Burton E. |author5=Paret, Blanche |author6=Holliday, Roderick M. |author7=Crawford, William B. |author8= Belcher, Irving J. | title = The Argo of the Florida State College | volume = II | publisher = The Franklin Printing & Publishing Co., Atlanta, GA. | year = 1902 | url = | accessdate = April 26, 2013}} In 1935 the Florida Board of Control changed the founding dates of the University of Florida{{cite news|last=Kirkland|first=Gary|title=Happy birthday, UF...but let's get real|url=|accessdate=November 7, 2014|newspaper=Gainesville Sun|date=January 18, 2003}} and the Florida State College for Women (now Florida State University) to the years their predecessor Seminaries opened as state-sponsored institutions, and Florida State's founding date was changed to 1857. In 2000 the Florida State University declared 1851 to be its official founding date.}}
TypeState university
Sea-grant university
Space-grant university
Endowment$624 million{{cite web|url=|title=Sortable Table: College and University Endowments, 2013-14|work=The Chronicle of Higher Education|accessdate=May 4, 2016}}
ChairmanEd Burr
PresidentJohn E. Thrasher
ProvostSally McRorie
Faculty5,517{{cite web| title= Regular Faculty | work=Faculty: Headcount | publisher=Florida State University – Office of Institutional Research | year=2013 | url= | accessdate=January 14, 2015}}
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